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The profession of Heilpraktiker has its roots in Naturopathy and Empirical Medicine, which are possibly as old as mankind itself. Many diseases throughout history have been treated with the naturally available resources — or as the saying goes: “An herb grows for everything”.

In modern society, Heilpraktikers treat a wide variety of diseases and discomfort with naturopathic means and holistic methods, often in parallel with conventional medical therapy. In some cases treatments are based on age-old experience and expertise, while in other cases modern technology and procedures are used.

Before continuing on to the Application sub-categories, you may want to read the following legal statements as the applications are to some extent determined by the following information:

By German law, only a Heilpraktiker or doctor may work in the healing profession. The prerequisite to practice this profession is a government issued license, granted upon successful review by the Medical Officer of Health. A Heilpraktiker may professionally engage in identifying (diagnosis), healing (elimination) and/or reducing (improvement of the condition) the disease, suffering or physical injury. A Heilpraktiker provides holistic treatment and employs natural remedies and/or alternative medicine therapies.

There are some diseases that can not be treated by a Heilpraktiker. These include certain infectious diseases that must be treated by doctors who have the authority to prescribe prescription medications. Additionally, the Heilpraktiker has the same responsibility of due diligence as a doctor and therefore must refer a patient to a specialist when he reaches the limits of his knowledge and available treatments. Certain medical fields such as dentistry or obstetrics can not be practiced by a Heilpraktiker.

At this point I'd like to say a few words on the subject of “successful treatment”. Sometimes people come to me with statements such as “You are my last hope” or “I've already tried so many things without success.” Expectations for the outcome of treatment can be very high, which is perfectly understandable and everyone is entitled to their own expectations and needs. However, I can not guarantee that any treatment will ultimately cure disease or offer relief — although this goal is my highest priority.


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