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The selection of an effective therapy requires a thorough diagnosis of patient in their entirety.

Modern Naturopathy utilizes both conventional medical diagnostic methods (which predominantly focus on scientifically measurable and analyzable aspects) and experience-based diagnosis procedures, such as examination of the pulse, tongue, eyes or face. The state and consistency of body tissue, skin and hair play an important diagnostic role as do any peculiarities in body fluids.

The subjective feelings of the patient play an important role in establishing the diagnosis. Answers to questions such as “which situations affect the symptoms”, “do the symptoms change according to the time of day or night?”, “have cravings for certain foods developed?”, and “do climatic conditions affect the symptoms?” provide clues for the diagnosis, that are as valuable as the presence of diseases in one's family.

Additional diagnostic procedures may be performed during the course of certain therapies, such as the examination of specific areas of the body in Reflex Zone Therapy and examination of the ear in Ear Acupuncture.

The first step in diagnosis is always a medical history review, which serves as a basis for all further diagnosis and analysis. This conversation normally takes between 90–150 minutes and is followed by a standard physical examination, including examination of the tongue, skin, hair and nails, blood pressure, heart rate, lung, sensory and internal organs, as well as the musculoskeletal, immune, nervous and endocrine systems. All the senses are used in addition to the standard diagnostic instruments; for example, a particular body odor may provide clues relating to a particular disease or predisposition.

When necessary, the diagnosis conducted in the practice will be supplemented by lab tests, imaging procedures or diagnostic procedures by appropriate specialists.

Following the initial meeting and diagnosis, an individual treatment plan will be created which will establish the nature and duration of therapy. The treatment plan will always be created with the full agreement of the patient and will always take their individual needs, wishes and ideas into consideration.


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