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The rates I charge are based on the income of the patient - that way people with a smaller budget can afford the treatments as well.

Net household income up to 1199 EUR:
Initial interview (anamnesis): 110,00 EUR
Follow up sessions: 55,00 EUR

Net household income from 1200 EUR:
Initial interview (anamnesis): 130,00 EUR
Follow up sessions: 65,00 EUR

Net household income from 1600 EUR:
Initial interview (anamnesis): 170,00 EUR
Follow up sessions: 75,00 EUR

Net household income from 2000 EUR or private insurance covering cost:
Initial interview (anamnesis): 195,00 EUR
Follow up sessions homeopathy: 95,00 EUR
Follow up session TCM/acupuncture: 75,00 EUR

25% discount on initial interview (anamnesis) and follow up sessions for children and teenagers up to 16 years of age without private insurance.

Treatment of acutes: 75,00 EUR inkl. basic check up

Phone calls/Email: 5,00 EUR for every five minutes

per 15 minutes: 18,00 EUR

Payment is due in cash or EC-card, Visa, Mastercard at the end of the initial interview. You will receive an invoice for all treatments.

Private health insurance and traveler's health insurance may subsidize some or all of the cost according to Gebührenordnung für Heilpraktiker (GebüH) - up to 2,3 times increased maximum rates. Please check the terms of your policy or contact your health insurance company to determine if and to what extent your expenses will be reimbursed. I can not advise you as to what amount your insurance company will reimburse you. Please ask me if you have any questions on how the treatments are accounted on my invoices. All invoices must be paid in full, even if they are not covered by your insurance policy.

Many public, as well as private, health insurance companies offer additional affordable coverage for Heilpraktiker services. You can find specific information for various insurance options on the Internet. Please note that most insurance companies require you to have had coverage for Heilpraktiker services for more than three months before they will grant reimbursement.

Public health insurance companies do not normally pay for Heilpraktiker services, nor do they reimburse prescription costs. A Heilpraktiker cannot fill prescriptions for treatments such as massage, physiotherapy, etc.

I will always inform you of all rates and fees before your treatment.

By making an appointment you agree to the terms and conditions set above.


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