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Classic and Process-Oriented Homeopathy

The term “Homeopathy” is frequently — and incorrectly — thought to mean “natural medicine”. Homeopathy is an independent and separate treatment that should not be confused with with herbal medicine or natural health.

Homeopathy is ideal for constitutional therapy such as the treatment of diseases that are accessible via the self regulation of the organism. These include all types of functional, psychosomatic and chronic diseases, and can also include acute diseases. Children often respond especially well to homeopathic therapy.

Treatment begins with a thorough initial anamnesis, lasting approximately 2.5 hours. Following appointments are normally scheduled for every four to six weeks and last approximately 75 minutes each.

Homeopathy should not be combined with other therapies as that would make it impossible to properly assess changes in the symptoms. Supportive or relaxation measures such as massage do not interfere and are not a problem.

Homeopathy was founded by the German physician, chemist and pharmacologist Samuel Hahnemann (1755–1843). Through his experiments in the late 18th century he discovered that certain substances ingested by a healthy individual will cause a particular symptom, however if an unhealthy individual displays the same symptoms, the same substance will act as a remedy. This observation led to the principle of similarity, one of the pillars of Homeopathy: substances that cause disease associated symptoms in healthy people also have the ability to cure diseases that produce similar symptoms (similia similibus curantur: similar is cured by similar).

Homeopathy medicines can have their origins in the plant, animal or mineral worlds and they are sometimes produced in part from pathogenic material itself. Production takes place under controlled procedures in which a substance is diluted in several steps. It is not only strongly diluted and therefore non-toxic (without side effects), but is prepared in such a way that it develops an energetic spectrum of activity (potency).

Classic Homeopathy is the original form of Homeopathy and follows clear rules and procedures that Hahnemann himself had formulated. Every prescription is preceded by an intensive medical history examination to accurately assess the entirety of symptoms, followed by a detailed evaluation. Only one medication will be administered at a time and will be selected to treat the entire range of symptoms — rather than multiple medications administered simultaneously intended to treat isolated symptoms (in contrast, in the complex homeopathy for colds e.g. a mixture of many homeopathic remedies that are effective for colds, are given all together at once without taking into account the overall health of the patient).

In addition to Classical Homeopathy, I also work with Process-Homeopathy. This is a derivative of Classical Homeopathy that focuses on the process of personal realization. This method considers the symptoms not only as an expression of a troubled inner balance that produced the disease, but also as an invitation to face certain issues in life and suffering on them to the levels of the soul to spiritual growth and spiritual.

The process follows the same stringent rules of Classical Homeopathy in the selection of medications, but has a stronger focus on the healing process during the course of treatment than on the goal of alleviating all symptoms.

In practice this means the patient addresses his "blind spots" and "shadows" in order to re-integrate parts of his personality, leading to permanent wholeness and therefore health. The process is induced and supported by the effects of the medicine as well as with my support. In addition to homeopathic case history, examination and symptom assessment procedures, this treatment includes methods such as conversation and re-orientation therapy in which the active involvement of the patient is required.


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“The highest ideal of cure is rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of health or removal and annihilation of the disease in the shortest, most reliable and undetrimental way to easily comprehensible principles.”

Samuel Hahnemann,
Founder of Homeopathy

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