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Massage is one of mankind's oldest known cures. Chinese writings from as early as 2600 BC mention massage techniques. There is also evidence that healing using essential oils and herbs was taught in early Indian culture. It was through the Greek physician Hippocrates (460–370 BC) that massage found its way to Europe. Later on, the Greek physician Galen (129–199 AD) developed many different types of massage techniques. Over the following years massage lost its importance as a form of therapy until late in the Middle Ages when the physician and alchemist Paracelsus (1493–1541 AD) restored it to the topic of medicine. The French physician Ambroise ParĂ© (1510–1590 AD) finally established massage as a part of modern medicine.

I offer the following forms of massage — some of which are targeted to a specific part of the body (such as the back, neck, head and feet) while others serve as a full-body massage of varying durations:

Classic Massage | Swedish Massage
Men's Massage
Hot Stone Massage
Cupping Massage
Foot Reflexology Massage

Classic Massage | Swedish Massage

The Classic Massage was invented in Sweden in the 19th Century and serves as the basis for today's classical massage. It arrived in Germany after gaining popularity in the United States in the 20th Century.

There are many beneficial effects associated with Classic Massage including muscle relaxation, increased local blood circulation, lowering blood pressure and pulse rate, scar tissue reduction, improved wound healing, pain relief, influence of internal organs through reflex action, mental relaxation, stress hormone reduction, improved cell metabolism, easing of tension in the skin and connective tissue, beneficial influence on the autonomic nervous system — just to name a few.

Classic Massage uses five basic techniques to manipulate the body: Effleurage (stroking), Petrissage (kneading), Friction (rubbing), Tapotement (pounding) and Vibration (shaking). Elements from Reflexology Treatment, Trigger-point Therapy, Acupressure and Shiatsu are also used. These techniques may be employed in part-specific or full-body massage, either in a therapy connected way with specific medical indications or for general health care and an increased feeling of well-being.

Men's Massage

Men normally demand very high performance from themselves, work hard and often go without necessary relaxation. Stress, everyday worries, demanding work schedules — these are some of the factors that can beat down the male body and often lead to unpleasant muscular tension. Certain body parts can be particularly affected, such as the cranial or the lower back muscles.

Men's Massage focuses specifically on individual weak points and typical male tension. My technique is attuned to the male anatomy that tends to have more pronounced muscles, firm tissue, thicker skin and stronger bones.

I also offer massages targeted to the treatment of certain diseases (such as the prostate).

Hot Stone Massage

This special form of massage deploys heated basalt or soapstone, heated to a temperature of up to 60° Celsius (140°F). This form of heat therapy has been utilized throughout the Asian, Pacific and American regions since time immemorial.

During the treatment, the patient lies on some of the stones, while other stones are laid on the body. The massage also utilizes the stones for rubbing, stroking and patting. Their use is combined with various oils which not only serve as a lubricant but also as a remedy .

Although the Hot Stone massage is known primarily as a Wellness Massage, it has far greater benefits and is ideally suited for Naturopathic therapy. It can stimulate specific meridians and acupuncture points as well as reflex zones and segments, and therefore reach the entire organ system. Furthermore, heated stones are suitable for targeted pain relief. The Hot Stone Massage can be extended by the use of chilled stones, so as to also selectively apply cold stimuli.

Cupping Massage

Cupping Massage is a targeted, deep tissue manipulation of certain tissues as well as the treatment of internal organs via the reflex circuit in selected areas of the body and segments.

The treatment area is first rubbed with a small amount of oil or ointment. A rubber ball is used to pump the air out of the glass, so that a vacuum is created. The selected area is massaged by moving the glass for a few minutes until the skin takes on a reddish to bluish tone.

I utilize Cupping Massage in the context of Reflexology and Segmentherapie and thus as a part of the drainage procedure.

Foot Reflexology Massage

This treatment method has most likely been intuitively used in many different cultures. The American physician William Fitzgerald (1872–1842) investigated and systematized the correlated knowledge of the North and Central American Indian tribes. Based upon this knowledge, the massage therapist Eunice Ingham laid the groundwork in the 1930s which was then further differentiated by Hanne Marquardt.

Reflex zones on the feet form a map of the entire human body. These zones are used both diagnostically and therapeutically. Special massage techniques can positively influence a variety of functional disorders.




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