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Plants are probably the most original of all remedies and provided the first materials for the manufacture of drugs. As far back as 600 BC, selective cultivation of medicinal plants was taking place in India and China.

Every culture and era had its share of famous doctors, but even ordinary people had knowledge of the healing arts. The healing powers of plants have been investigated and the accumulated knowledge, as well as the incredibly valuable experience gained from centuries of plants used in holistic treatment, is for the most part still available to us. These days the effectiveness of Herbal Medicine can be proven and explained through analysis.

Phytotherapy uses plant components to prepare medications such as tinctures, essential essences, liquid and dry extracts, or as a solid oral dosage forms (such as tablets and capsules). Creams, ointments, gels, oils and baths salts are prepared for external application.

Dried plant parts are utilized in medicinal tea which, depending on the active ingredients, are prepared for infusion, decoction or cold extraction.

In addition to the effective healing potential of plants (or the active ingredients such as alkaloids, glycosides, etc.) is the risk that problems (or even dangerous complications) can occur when the wrong dosage or the wrong combination is used. A careful diagnosis must be made and a treatment plan developed before any prescription is written.

Herbal medicines have not only impact on the human body, they also contribute greatly to the spiritual and intellectual realm. I follow the holistic principle in that I mostly prescribe the whole plant (such as in tea) rather than using only a single, isolated component.


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