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The word Prevention means to prevent — and is used here to describe Naturopathic measures as a way to avoid disease and disorder. In that sense, I use various therapies to treat the individual before any health problems arise, relapses occur, the effects of existing diseases occur or worsen, or chronic diseases and comorbidity arise.

A great advantage of Naturopathy and holistic diagnosis is that an early understanding of the symptoms (that are not yet a disease in the conventional sence) can be used to decide which health keeping measures should be implemented in an individual prevention plan. In China, examination, investigation and advice were the duties for which the physician was paid — not treatment when the patient became ill. Most of these measures rely on the “Five Pillars of Classical Naturopathy”

1st Diet: The first pillar takes existing food habits into account and how they are attuned to the individual's constitution. This is done entirely without judgment or condemnation. I find it particularly important that any dietary changes take place slowly, step by step, without stress and that personal needs and preferences are taken into consideration. It's important that food always remains an enjoyable part of everyday life.

2nd Movement: Use it or lose it — It's really that simple. There is suitable form of exercise for everyone, which can not only be integrated into everyday life but can also be fun. As in the first pillar, beginning with small steps is important, rather than being overwhelmed with unrealistic expectations. External observation and encouragement often helps to conquer the inner temptation to cheat and can help to permanently bring more movement into life.

3rd Physical (stimulation) therapy with light, air, water and skin contact: These very simple measures include: targeted exposure to daylight, sun exposure, radiation with a colored or red light, regular walks or other activities in the fresh air, breathing exercises, hot or cold water applications, douches, wraps (for example: Kneipp) as well as massage. Many patients are surprised at how effectively these little "cures" alleviate complaints and help with healing (find out about my massage services and my layman's course on wrapping).

4th Lifestyle Regulation Therapy: This is about finding one's individual life rhythm, that on one hand takes one's particular needs into account and on the other hand is conductive to good health. Regularly getting enough sleep; finding a balance between work and leisure, rest and activity; spending time alone or with others; this can all be planned, even if it sometimes requires a bit of self-dicipline. Even a certain way of thinking will help you to identify and change unhealthy habits and to create a healthier lifestyle.

5th Phytotherapy: Your personal constitution can be strengthened with the help of simple and inexpensive herbal preparations (such as teas, tinctures, essences etc.). The formulas I prescribe normally include plants which have been used successfully for centuries by traditional Western medicine.

Each of these prevention measures aim to strengthen and maintain the body's own control circuits so that they can withstand the demands of our modern lifestyle and potentially disease-causing influences. We remain healthy when we maintain a dynamic balance.


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